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Ben and Ted have come together to offer clients a full range of web services. From SEO to hosting, from link building to website design.

Fundamental to our mission statement is that all the web services we offer be of the highest standard and most impeccable quality.


  • Search Engine Optimization ...The process of preparing a web site for promotion online to achieve better search engine rankings for relevant, targeted keywords.

Search engine optimization involves optimizing the html code and other contents of a web site for search engines. The process itself is of benefit to both the web site visitors - they are presented with a fast-loading page - and search engines - a high ranking is obtained. Search engine optimization will almost always increase both the quantity
of visitors and the quality of traffic as visitors will be able to find your site much better using your selected keywords.


Is your site running at full throttle on the search engines? Or is the penguin brake on?

There are more than 50 areas on every page that you must check BEFORE you submit! DON'T sabotage yourself by missing one of them.

Our Web Site Search Engine Optimization service offers two major benefits:

1.We check ALL critical areas in your site and make the appropriate changes to make your site Search Engine friendly.
2.We build custom pages to specifically target the best keywords and short phrases for your business. If you sell blue widgets and the phrase "blue widgets" never actually appears on your site, you will not get the top rankings your business deserves! We build pages that fit your site, provide useful information to visitors and engines, and clue the engines in about what you have to offer.


Want PROOF? Try these Google searches: tax relief, gifts or retirement

Did we mention that we designed and optimize?

That's 11 top ten rankings on just five terms, including three at #1 and three at #2! There are well over half a million sites competing for these terms. It barely seems fair, does it?

This ultimately will generate more customer enquiries and lead to increased sales.

Site design has no bearing on rankings. Similarly, merely submitting your un-optimized URL will not help in achieving the coveted number one position on any given search engine. We recommend coupling our Search Engine Optimization package with our Search engine submission package.

Marketing & Promoting Web sites: Search Engine Placement, Search Engine Marketing and Strategic Internet Marketing Between them, Google, Bing and Yahoo provide almost 90% of the search engine traffic. Source: NetRatings. Because search engines change very quickly, Esenz constantly monitors developments and trends within the industry.


Free Website Diagnosis!

Tim Rees is a website doctor specialising in meta data remedies - see meta tag doctor page. Tim describes himself first and foremost as an Online Publisher who uses purely organic SEO methods to promote business websites. TIM is based in Cardiff, Wales, UK, but the service we offer is global.

The proof: Google the highly popular generic search phrase Hollywood film star and you will find Tim's website www.movie-greats.co.uk highly visible on page one. Google the hotly competed search phase millionaire dating agency and you will find Tim's website www.singlemillionaires.co.uk enjoying the same high visibility.

So how does he do it? Organic SEO is simply focussing upon content and building the website upon key phrases that are true to content, thus providing the search engines with a true impression with regard website content.

Organic SEO doesn't take risks with your ranking position by utilising tricks to cheat the search engines. Many tricks or cheats do work, but the website owner risks having his website black listed by Google and other search engines, which completely defeats the objective, although the SEO who cheated on your behalf will have cashed your cheque and disappeared into the ether.

SEM or search engine marketing is about developing on-page and off-page optimisation. However, we do not recommend link building schemes because they are exactly that, schemes. There are many other more effective methods to increase you websites search engine visibility.

Organic search engine optimisation requires a little more patience before you see the results, but the results will last as long as search engines use the written word to verify and rank a websites content. The visible content and background code are equally relevant for good organic SEO and it is important key phrases are woven into the websites fabric by a professional organic SEO consultant for optimum search engine rankings.

We also now offer a Google Adwords service for websites that are search engine unfriendly. See Adwords Page

Organic SEO is about the bottom line. Organic SEO is about increasing YOUR market share. Simple: We are now selling optimised websites!

For businesses in the relevant markets of a websites targeted key phrases this represents a unique opportunity to significantly increase their market share. We will be adding to the list of websites regularly. Click here to view our new Website Sales website and browse the lists. Please note that all the websites on our links page on all our sites are available for purchase. Simply make an informal contact expressing the site you are interested in to open a no obligation.

Click on the link for our new Website Sales website: Websites For Sale

Or you can contact us directly to get all your questions answered.

All websites are for sale at the right price. We are open to negotiation.

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    BT Webservice offer wide range of SEO packages sutitable for any website (from local to global keywords). Our SEO packages based on ethical SEO services will improve your rankings and secure your website on existing top positions with Google, Yahoo, Bing, and many more. This is a plan how do we work :

  • Market research
  • Site analysis
  • Competitor analysis
  • Strategy
  • On-page search engine optimisation
  • On-page seo compliance
  • Off-page search engine optimisation
  • Off-page seo compliance
  • Submission to search engines and directories
  • Articles submission
  • Press releases submission
  • Web 2.0 profiles submission
  • Social networking submission
  • Social bookmarking submission
  • Video reviews submission
  • RSS submission
  • Weekly reports (daily ranking changes, link building reports, competition reports, traffic reports)

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UK based SEO Services - Optimisation reports

Our on-page and off-page optimisation reports will provide you full range of important information. We won't keep you in dark.


Traffic analysis

You can know what is conversion rate, visitors trends, loyalty, languages, geo-localisation of visits, how many time people spending on each page and many other informations.

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