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Search Engine Optimization - The myths and the Lies
After having interviewed several SEOs (Search Engine Optimizers), one thing seems certain - the industry is riddled with myths and un-truths. Many SEOs worryingly agree that what seems to be considered normal search engine optimization practice will, in fact, in the long run, have a drastic effect on the users of such optimizing methods. Here are a few of the points that kept popping up:

Top of the range software is required to achieve any result
Verdict: Half-lie - half-truth.
While software - of any price range - will most certainly help with the search engine submission process by speeding it up, very little "real help" exists when it comes to search engine optimization. 9 out of 10 interviewed SEOs agree that the software companies are exploiting one of the greatest weaknesses of the frail human mind - our gullibility! The reason behind the SEOs thinking rests in one unanswered question: Can the software companies really keep up with the rate of change currently taking place on the top search engines? So far the answer does not seem to shed any good light on the side of the software companies.


To expand on this point, one needs to examine the search engine optimization software and look at what it really offers. It is generally thought that most, if not all, software seems to offer unclear advice on what the best course of action to take is. Some still seem to be pushing the "doorway page" route as the best way of getting onto search engines. They even contain "doorway page generators" within their software to help speed up the process of creating these search engine Algorithm-defying pages.


In the words of one software manufacturer: "A doorway page is a web page specifically designed to get high ranking in the Search Engines for a specific keyword or keyword phrase. It is a powerful, content rich page packed with your keywords."


What the software companies are failing to notice - and indeed failing to notify the buyers of their software - is that with each Algorithm update, the search engines are becoming increasingly "Anti-Spam" in their methods of accepting sites for their indices, and "doorway pages" now qualify as Spam with the majors, including Google, Yahoo and MSN. In brief, the search engines - in their quest to provide the user with relevant results - are starting to tighten up on what they consider Spam and as a result, are becoming ever more picky as to which sites are listed in the relevant results for each keyword.


One final point to consider

Google conducts two major Algorithm updates.
Yahoo acquires Overture and Inktomi and ceases to use Google results.
Yahoo conducts a major Algorithm update.
MSN ceases to use Looksmart technology to provide results on their search engine and switches to Inktomi.

In the space of just four short months, the top three search engines in the world have undergone major changes. At £300 for a copy of optimization software, how many updates would the average SEO need? And perhaps if any readers of this article swear by their submission and optimization software, consider this - MSN announced in the same four-month period that they will be developing their own independent search engine, probably to coincide with the release of their latest operating system, codenamed "Longhorn". This new operating system is due for release at the end of 2004, and so we ask, what then? Another update at £300?

Conclusion: Software companies are behind time on the search engine optimization front.


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